About Angela LaFlamme

Angela began designing clothes somewhere around the age of 5, but didn’t get serious about it until she moved to New York City in 2000. She began by taking pieces from thrift stores and re-vamping them — removing sleeves here, adding a plunging neckline there — as she developed her unique style. When she moved to San Francisco in 2007 she began making her own patterns. Her designs are continuously flowing and changing as new experiences shape her vision.

Make-up is in the realm of transformation. Angela loves seeking the potential for extraordinary beauty and bringing it out in her models. Her make-up work has been employed in beautiful weddings as well as stage, film and fashion — from Los Angeles to New York and San Francisco. She’s expert at creating a wide range of looks, all the while maintaining a professional but fun atmosphere.

Angela enjoys collaboration and celebrates originality and imagination.

Locally Grown Weddings

Locally Grown Weddings

Angela is part of Locally Grown Weddings — a collective of San Francisco-based small business owners creating unforgettable wedding experiences for their clients.